Feeling tired, heavy and unclear? It’s time to reset!

I will guide you through a safe and gentle detox program where you may not only lose some weight, but feel lighter, clearer, more deeply rested, and find an increase in energy. I believe it’s important to give our bodies and minds a break from time to time. Ayurveda is a huge fan of seasonal detoxes.

A lot of detoxes on the market can be too intense, have you consuming processed drinks/meals or send your body into starvation mode resulting in weight gain once you stop the cleanse. We'll do it the right way, I guide you through designing a program that works for you, your unique constitution, your individual dietary needs, your lifestyle. Reset your body, mind, heart, home. We’ll add in nourishing practices to leave you feeling rested, rejuvenated, ready to shine!

Oct 13 - Nov 2, 2019

$137.00 Early Bird bring a friend for FREE

$197.00 after Oct 6